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FROM TOM TO TOM (Horta/Lellis)
A gentle man, tropical land
the sky the sand
captured in his hand
like dew on morn
legend is born
spirits ascend
music starts again
I hear it still I know I always will
from Tom to Tom
calmly it flows
river to sea
always it grows
a melody from key to key for Tom
a legacy, a melody for Tom

Keeper of the flame/ the inner workings of
the music is the aim / its never been about
the money or the fame/ its always been
about the deeper you became
From the jungles to cities tall you can have
it all
in the same song for just as long as we play
it strong
lend an ear, open up the door, music cuts to
the human core
standing firm we must all proclaim
each in turn will be keeper of the flame
We inherit a legacy of what's gone before
we can lose what we do not use or choose
to ignore
some will tell you its not in style
but their music is juvenile
what's at stake we can never fake
share the gift of the music we make
passions dance, freedom and romance when
the fires burn
Debussy through to Cannonball fan the
flames and learn
when we do we have added to
something old into something new
Harken back to ancestral rights /drums and
melody burning through the night
music business is always asking us where's
the hook
can't they hear or is all that matters, their
own checkbook
art won't sell is their battle cry
sell them anything that they'll buy
what we offer’s in short supply
when the sparks of the flame begin to fly
Repeat of Verse 1
then to intro figure and out

"The Duke" (Dukedom)
Lyrics by Tom Lellis to Music by Dave Brubeck
From the recording Taken to Heart.

He put sound in its rightful place
and just in case you missed his grace
Strayhorn and Hodges and Cootie knew
he wasn't perfect but he'd do

Royal blood is a fickle thing
it don't mean much if it can't swing
Ella Fitzgerald, Gonsalves too
knew more then just his blood was blue

Musically precisely so
though no one cared 'bout a row
toe to toe was the rule
last one on the stand was cool

Certainly there'll be other bands
I hope there up till this one lands
trumpets are heralding the news
and will until they fill his shoes

L U I S A (Horta/Lellis)
Little girl, close your eyes
for tomorrow's filled with sweet
surprise await
and the dreams I dream for you
about to start so don't be late
butterfly wings and soft little things
that tickle a giggle or two
every wonder imagined for you
music giving you pleasure
there for good measure
wish I could tag along
but I can't so (2x - not this time so) I'll just
sing this song for you
and hope it's background to the world
that I would give to you
birds that would fly you
trees that would hide you
mermaids to show you around
holding on to the love you have found
so you're never alone, a love of your own
I guess I'll just say goodnight
wish on a star and sleep tight
I will see you in my dreams
and in tomorrow's light

Tell Me a Bedtime Story

Lyrics by Tom Lellis
(music by Herbie Hancock, Hancock Music, BMI)
From the recording Double Entendre.

If you could tell me just once more
You know the story I long for
Heaven only knows where the trouble goes
I can feel it leavin' my brow
right down through my toes
when you expose me to your bedtime prose
How do you propose I'm supposed to doze
while your words are urging, surging
deep inside my soul
adventure censored not
some like it hot
My one fear
is the next will be the last word that I hear
got me spellbound, lost then found
right side, upside down
no longer earthbound, not a sound
So the story goes, wish it had no close
want to see the pages turned
till it's learned by heart
and then my favorite part
comes when you start
my favorite part
comes when you start

Every fine detail
translates into braille
every curiosity answered and set sail
caught in a graceful wave
to which I'm slave
Lighter than the air
rushing through your hair
shadows of the ebbs' flow, the dim's glow
right inside my head
No matter what life brings
this part still sings of happiness
and the rest will no doubt be the best
long as you will see me through
sleep's journey with you
love breeds in each line, it reads fine
So the story goes, wish it had no clothes
want to see the pages turn
till its learned by heart
and then my favorite part
comes when you start.